Your texts have your own personal stamp on them. We know this and take care to choose the right words. A translation from exact! always reads like an original.

Those who communicate worldwide need a flexible partner. We speak your language and that of your customers. We work exclusively with qualified professional translators and native speakers. We offer a host of different languages including all European languages, and even Asian languages.

We have creative as well as technical skills.

We have built up our exact! expertise over 30 years in the language services industry. Be it creative texts, technical content or complex specialist jargon – exact! provides accurate, clear translations. You can find an overview here:

Areas of expertise

Translation that pinpoints your message!

Long-standing customers value our accurate translations and on-time delivery. To ensure this, we have clearly defined our quality requirements, and made our project management and the translation process efficient.


You can expect MORE!

We not only provide professional translations, we also offer a comprehensive range of services for creating, translating and checking all kinds of documents. You can find out more about these services under:


Confidentiality & data protection

At exact!, your documents and their content are treated confidentially. We sign non-disclosure agreements with our in-house and external translators. And you also receive a written guarantee in the form of a confidentiality agreement.

Who we are and how we work