Quality is a result of many different components. Certified processes and experienced employees are what shape our quality.

Experienced, efficient, exact! Our team is made up of experienced, permanently employed translators and a regular pool of freelance translators. Linguistic sensibility is our strength. We adapt to the tone of your source text.


Our quality standard is: “A translation should not sound like a translation – every translation should read like an original text!” We have set the bar high with this principle. And we have an excellent basis for achieving this goal.

Post-editing machine translations according to ISO 18587:2017

Since the end of November 2021, exact! has been certified in accordance with the ISO 18587 standard on requirements for post-editing. This step was the logical consequence of changing requirements in the translation industry. Although machine translation has great potential, it by no means replaces the human translator. ISO 18587 covers the requirements for post-editing machine translations and defines the process workflow.

exact! has intensively looked into the requirements of ISO 18587 and introduced a standard-compliant process for full post-editing. In the case of full post-editing, the post-edited result must be of the same quality as a first-class human translation – which corresponds to the quality standards of exact!. So that we can respond to the different needs and wishes of our customers, we additionally have a process for light post-editing, although this is not covered by the standard.

By expanding our portfolio to include post-editing, we can ensure that machine-translated texts end up speaking your language.

Translation services certified according to ISO 17100:2015

The international standard ISO 17100:2015 specifies the requirements for all aspects of the translation process directly affecting the quality and delivery of translation services. Among other things, it includes provisions on the management of core processes as well as the qualifications of the translators, revisers and project managers.

The standard’s structure describes the general process workflow for a translation project by placing the individual sub-processes in chronological order: pre-production processes, production processes, and post-production processes

Precisely such a well-structured process workflow has been in place at exact! for years. Because exact! continuously optimises its processes, the company achieved ISO 17100 certification in December 2017 with only minor changes to its existing workflow. We now provide our translation services with revision in accordance with the dual-control principle as standard, meaning all our translations are checked by a second translator before we deliver them to the customer. Prior to the certification, we held a full-day event to involve our external translators, with whom we have an excellent, long-standing working relationship, in the process. Our customers expect correct and clearly written translations — and we shall carry on providing them.

Certified according to the new ISO 9001:2015

The current ISO 9001:2015 describes a range of requirements that a company must meet in order to continuously improve its processes and services and thus to ensure that customer requirements can be met. Quality management covers corporate subsections such as resource planning, infrastructure, project documentation and time management.

Dealing with opportunities and risks is another subject outlined in the standard. A risk-based approach in relation to all business processes results in informed and responsible decisions and ensures that the QM system yields the intended results.

The processes are shaped by all of those involved, thus ensuring that all employees have a high level of process expertise. All members of the team are aware of their contribution to the effectiveness of the QM system. In 2016, our quality management was recertified.

Quality at exact!

We have phrased this clearly in our mission statement: A structured approach characterises the exact! way of working. This allows us to ensure the consistently high quality of our translations. Over more than 30 years in the translation business, we have shaped, reviewed and improved our concept. The satisfaction of our customers is our focus, which is why we clarify translation requirements beforehand and select our translators very carefully. Regular quality controls based on measurable criteria ensure that there is an expected, consistently high performance level. The exact! evaluation sheet is used for the quality controls. On request, we can also revise your text in accordance with the dual control principle.

Our translation process

We have developed and follow a specific process when processing your requests. Read about how we process translation projects here.

Read about exact!’s translation process

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Pinpointing your message. Our mission statement

exact! stands for accurate and user-friendly translations. At exact!, we translate texts for our customers reliably and on time. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We therefore take special care to record customer requests purposefully and process them in a structured manner. This standard is reflected in our certified processes. Our goal is to continuously improve our work processes in order to provide our customers with optimal translations. We therefore promote active communication among the team. It goes without saying for us that we treat each other with fairness and respect. All exact! employees make individual and valuable contributions to implementing our quality standard through their language expertise, specific industry knowledge and a conscientious approach to their work. An exact! translation should not sound like a translation – every translation reads like an original text. This means that we not only provide excellent, thorough translations – we also pinpoint your message.

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