Martin Gundlach

Managing director

Tel.: +49 (0)621 12068-11

Conveying complex issues in the “right” language is something I find really interesting. It began with the “human-machine interface” during an internship at the Fraunhofer Institute (IAO) in the 90s and has been a recurring theme in my career ever since. I also realised that I am good at managing a team. So the obvious step was to become self-employed and pursue this topic further. In 2003, I founded Dokuwerk KG together with Grit Mückstein, and in 2015 we became the managing directors of exact!

At Dokuwerk, our main focus is on providing (and translating) technical documentation that describes complex technology in a comprehensible manner.  For exact! translators, technology itself is an important component of their work. This includes machine translations, for example, algorithms based on linguistic methods, which provide (ever-improving) search and translation hits.

But I think you would agree:

A machine cannot replace a person. This applies to the field of translating as well, especially when you need an excellent translation that pinpoints your message!