Translation that pinpoints your message.


The new exact! corporate design
The new exact! corporate design

In 2014, exact! proudly celebrated its 25th anniversary. On 1 January, 2015, the baton was then handed over from the founder of the company Angelika Ottmann to its new owners and managing directors Grit Mückstein and Martin Gundlach. They are no newcomers to the industry: They have been running Dokuwerk KG in Friedrichshafen since 2003.

For Grit Mückstein and Martin Gundlach, it was clear right from the start that the “new” exact! would be the logical continuation of the previous success story. “We are now building on what has been achieved so far in a more diverse, self-assured and, of course, exact manner,” says Martin Gundlach. This message is made clear by the mission statement and claim as the bedrock of communication.

“The mission statement was reinforced in a workshop,” says owner Martin Gundlach. “And the claim soon followed. It was clear that we wanted to keep the team members and customers.” All those involved agreed that “at, exact!, we translate quickly, reliably and on time. Thanks to the dual control principle, industry expertise and our native speakers, we not only have excellent, in-depth knowledge of translation, but we also succeed in getting this across.” And so our claim was born: “Translation that pinpoints your message.”

“Translation that pinpoints your message.”
The logo: “Translation that pinpoints your message.”
exact! website relaunch
exact! website relaunch

We now had a clear definition of what exact! can do and the values that we would embody in the future. So it was only fitting that we would pinpoint this message in our internal and external communication, too. Our new brand identity, with a logo, corporate design and a new website, conveys the idea and vision behind exact! using a clear, professional and appealing design – it is harmonious, friendly and can be used across all media.

The newsletter is a great example of this: It provides hot-off-the-press information about us. This ties in well with familiar formats such as the Smiley Express. In the future, we will provide you with honest and fresh updates on the latest news from the translation world, and we will stay true to our central promise: “Every translation reads like an original. That is what our name stands for.”

P.S. Look forward to a new issue of the Smiley Express in the new year!

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